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Smart Tech Hygiene for VR, AR and Mass-Use Hardware

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Cleanbox is a complete, hygienic and eco-friendly, plug-and-play system offering effective and modular solutions for decontamination and drying of VR and AR headsets, haptics and other hardware.

Designed for commercial venues with high-volume traffic, Cleanbox works on any type of HMD or ancillary haptic and definitively addresses the cleaning, decontamination and smell issues that occur when multiple people use the same shared hardware on their face, eyes, and head.


Cleanbox eradicates 99% of bacteria, virus and fungi in a short cycle and can treat any number of headsets at a time—from 1 to 100 or more.

Our CLEANBOX Brand Promise

Innovation can be simple, as our cutting-edge approach to safety demonstrates. At Cleanbox, we have perfected the science of clean, providing state of the art, waste-free security that will elevate and enhance your brand offering. We will always be first to create emerging technologies, because at Cleanbox we are committed to the future of clean.


How Cleanbox Works












Industries Served

Product Options

What our clients have to say

“At Intuitive Surgical we are exploring exciting new applications for Extended Reality in minimally-invasive surgery and intervention. We use the Cleanbox CX1 to give our developers, research partners and users peace of mind as they work with us. The system is quick and easy to use, and our own testing has shown it to be effective at reducing the presence of bacteria on headsets. It’s a unique and timely product. ”


Simon DiMaio Intuitive Surgical Director of Applied Research

"Since deciding to use CleanBox in our facility, our customers concerns about the cleanliness of the VR headsets after a workout have been completely alleviated.  Now they show up for their exercise session and know they are putting on a clean and dry HMD."  


Kayla Abeyta - Black Box VR San Francisco General Manager

"Cleanbox Tech is a simple, easy, and trusted solution to ensuring the health safety of our immersive experience users. Using expensive headsets in the healthcare space, ensuring sterility and the integrity of the hardware is crucial, and Cleanbox provides us with confidence that we can do just that." 

Victor Talbot - Playing Forward, LLC

"We had a successful workout of the Cleanbox at the Inside Out Film Festival from May 23 - June 2 where the Cleanbox was used to support our exhibition of works "Queering VR" in the Starz Festival Lounge It was easy to use for the staff and support team and provided the visitors with a quality VR experience."

-David Plant, Executive Director, Trinity Square Video

“We are currently loving the new model. It is easy to use and efficient with minimal noise. This will allow us to better serve our population and monitor infection control while maintaining our inclusive programming.


The Cleanbox is used to clean our headsets between programming and client usage. This allows us to maintain infection control and continue to improve the well being of our clients. ”


Jessica Titchmarsh - Northwood 


CX 1

Cleanbox for 1 tethered or untethered VR/AR/XR HMD or earphones, in a 1-minute cycle.



15” high x 12.5” long by x 12” deep

Locking & charging options


CX 2

Cleanbox for 2 tethered or untethered VR/AR/XR HMD or earphones, in a 1-minute cycle.



15” high x 25" long by x 12” deep

Locking & charging options



Cleanbox for 4 tethered or untethered HMDs in a 1-minute cycle


15 high x 49" long x15" deep

Locking & charging options

CX 6 Drawer

CX6 Drawer

Cleanbox for 6 untethered VR/AR/XR HMDs in a 1-minute cycle

19” high x 48” long by x 17” deep

Stackable. Modular. Space economies.

Locking & charging options

AR 5

AR-5  (for AR Glasses)

Cleanbox for 3-5 AR Glasses in a 1-minute cycle.


15” wide x 12.5” high by x 12” deep


Larger boxes available.

Locking & charging options


Podcast: Amy Hedrick: “The Straightforward Solution of Cleanbox Technologies”

In The Press

Amusement Park Daily, November 2019

Featured Article

"Cleanbox was designed around the unique surfaces of VR and AR headsets to provide maximum efficacy in cleaning and drying for hardware that lives on a consumer's face and head. Our nanocoatings help keep sweat and oils from permeating the softer surfaces of an HMD (velcro, foam, rubber, fabric) and reduce the residue of makeup, fingerprints, and dirt.

Intergame Online, October 2019

Featured Article

"Thanks to a saturated market, HMDs have quickly caught up to many of the performance standards they need in order to work well with active content and longer play-time, multiplayer experiences. Headset makers still need to make the HMDs more comfortable and address issues such as flexible

fitting for different nose sizes and smaller heads, and weight balance. The goal is to have these in place by the time the price point softens to consumer levels.”

-Amy Hedrick

Co-Founder & CEO, Cleanbox Technology

Intergame, March 2019 (Feature Article)


“While gameplay and technological advancements are worth talking about, hygiene has often been an after-thought for public-facing use of immersive technologies and one of the biggest barriers to access for VR. Cleanbox Technology has gone a long way toward addressing the issues of decontamination, smell prevention and drying of head mounted displays between users. The product solves many related trickle-down challenges…”

Business and Industry Today, August 2019

Company of the Year

"Business and Industry Today is pleased to announce

Cleanbox Technology as our Company of the Year, for

its unwavering commitment to developing innovative

and forward thinking smart hygiene technology."

VR Fitness Insider lists CLEANBOX as one of the
"game changers" at VRLA 2018

"CLEANBOX partnered with INTEL and SURVIOS to not only sterilize their equipment, but to show exhibitors and attendees that hygiene can be achieved...CLEANBOX is a great option for VR businesses and arcades that need a top-tier hygiene solution that will also dry the sweat off the headsets for customers to continue game time without a hitch."

Reality Technologies, December 2018


Businesses, studios, arcades, hospitals, and everywhere VR and AR technology are implemented will gain an advantage on combatting germs by using the Cleanbox system.”


“Cleanbox technology is changing how hardware gets dried and disinfected quickly and waste-free.”



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European Amusement and Gaming - London, UK

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Partnered with INVR for EFM at Berlinale - Berlin, Germany

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NYS Chapter 2019 miniHIMSS - New York, NY

June 26-27

Health Horizons - Cambridge, UK

October 1-3

Smithsonian Digitization Conference - Washington, DC, USA

October 7-8

VR and Behavioral Healthcare Symposium - Denver, CO


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XRDC -  San Francisco, CA

October 23

VR and Healthcare Showcase - New York, NY

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VR DAYS - Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Virtuality Paris - Paris, France

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VR and Healthcare Symposium Europe - Dublin, Ireland

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VRX Conference & Expo - San Francisco, CA


January 15 - 17

European Amusement Gaming Expo - London, UK

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ISE Europe XR - Amsterdam, Netherlands

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VR and Healthcare Symposium - Tucson, AZ

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Amusement Expo - Las Vegas, NV

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