Clean. Dry. Safe.

Smart Tech Hygiene for the disinfecting of AR/VR HMDs, Communication Headsets,

Small Electronics, Eyewear & Masks. 

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Cleanbox "CleanDefense"Pre-Orders Available Early June

Designed specifically for decontaminating four masks at once in a 1-2 minute cycle, allowing for the disinfection of up to 100 masks per hour, per unit.

Cleanbox products are built with ISO 9001 certified materials and assembled in an FDA-certified facility. 

Meets all CE and FCC regulations.

From AR/MR/VR head mounted displays to Communication Headsets used for broadcast, sports and tv/film production, our CX Series handles your sterilization needs. 

Cleanbox is a premium, and

eco-friendly, smart tech hygiene solution for the decontamination of virtual, augmented and mixed reality headsets and other mass use hardware.  

Cleanbox eliminates the need for heat or toxins in the decontamination process, protecting electronics.

Cleanbox is independently lab tested to kill 99.99% of bacteria, virus and fungi in one minute and can treat any number of hardware from 1 to 100 or more.

"A vital need in the market is dependent on this technology"
- Stinger Report Dec 2019







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