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Product Specs

Cleanbox products are built with ISO 9001 certified materials and assembled in an FDA-certified facility. 


​The CX1 can use any power source from 100-240V, 50-60Hz, which means you can utilize power in any country in the world. You will need a plug adapter for non-USA plugs. 

The CX1 draws slightly less than 5A of power when in operation.

The CX1 has a 10A fuse in the power outlet (where the cord plugs into the back of the unit) to prevent electrical spikes from harming the internal components. No other special relays or fuses.

Power Draw


How Do I Know it's Working? 

Most of what's going on inside the CX1 is difficult to see. Of course, you can see moisture beading up on the surface of the nanotech-treated surfaces, but other things are harder to discern.

Because of the combination of features that the CX1 utilizes, the answers to this are almost all negative proofs:

a) You don't see changes in the fabric because nothing is soaking into it and causing discoloration due to the nanotech coatings;

b) You don't smell anything because bacteria are being destroyed and don't cause cultures that create scents;

c) You can't see the diseases destroyed because they are micro-organisms and you'd need a microscope and the knowledge on what you are seeing to tell the difference. (However we do have the microbe lab reports to prove that the process is eradicating bacteria, viruses and fungi.)

But the rest? Your headset is staying clean and dry and stain-free because you are using the CX1 and it's doing its job properly.

The UVC LEDs we utilize operate at 265nM (the sweet spot that affects the largest cross-section of contagions) and don't emit ozone. UVC mercury bulbs do emit ozone at very low wavelengths (185nM) but we not only don't go that low, the LED substrates have a minimum of 205nM and can't get to the point where ozone would be created.

Ozone is not an issue.


Should I Also Use a Wipe?

If the headset is properly treated with nanotech, then wiping with anti-septic wipes is completely unnecessary. If you see anything sticking to the surfaces, then a dry microfiber cloth is actually a better choice. Why?

a) Anti-septic wipes have a strong negative smell, and;

b) You're putting moisture on a nanotech-treated surface and therefore you're doing next to nothing because you're only using the anti-septic on the nanotech coating.

The nanotech coatings create hydrophobic and superhydrophobic coatings that helps prevent body fluids, including sweat and oils, from permeating soft (and hard) surfaces.

The nanotech coatings on the devices prevent nearly everything from sticking effectively. Very heavy coatings, like makeup, may leave some residue which should be easy to wipe off with a dry microfiber cloth. Nearly everything else will be removed by the directed air jets and an extra wipe down is rarely necessary.

Smells come from fluids, oils, detritus, or bacteria sticking to the surface of the headset. Since those things are prevented from sticking, and bacteria are eliminated by the UVC lights, smells are not a factor. 

UVC Questions:

Does the UVC light damage the headset?

No. The UVC is a shorter wavelength and has a very different impact on plastics and lenses than UVA or UVB. The impact of UVC on plastics, lenses, or the other materials of the headsets is so negligible that you will see no difference over the lifetime of that headset.

Is UVC light dangerous?

Cleanbox products are designed to be environmentally friendly and safe for the user. Cleanbox uses medical grade UV-C light to decontaminate and effectively destroy bacteria, virus and fungi. Our products are designed to prevent any physical exposure to the light. (The acrylic windows completely prevents UVC from penetrating to the exterior of the unit and the UVC lights turn off immediately if the door is opened.) But even if you were somehow exposed to direct UVC light for a prolonged duration, the health effects are minor (skin and eye irritation).

Medical grade UV light is not the same as other UV light from the sun. Grade C ultraviolet light (256 nM wavelength) is unlike UV-A or UV-B in that it is not a long enough wavelength to absorb into living skin cells.

Does the UVC light bounce around the interior of the CX1?

UVC light does bounce around, but the highest effectiveness is where the lights shine directly (line of sight). Because light obeys the inverse-square law of physics, the further it travels, the weaker the exposure. The CX1 is designed to shine light where it is needed most, at the distance that creates the maximum effectiveness, on the surfaces that touch a guest's face when being worn.


We don't use heat, liquids or chemicals. We are a completely no-waste, eco-friendly product. The primary reason we are able to kill 99% bacteria, virus and fungi is because we utilize medical grade UVC lighting. This technology has been in use in hospital systems for decades (historically with a mercury lamp), and only recently available in LED form.

We also use a textile nanotech superhydrophobic that helps prevent body fluids including sweat and oils from permeating soft (and hard) surfaces in the first place. This helps provide an invisible barrier (microscopic peaks and valleys on the surface of the headset) which prevent bacteria from replicating. The UVC lights then eradicates the exposed pathogens.