The OmniClean™

The only product of its kind – anywhere

The OmniClean’s rotating quartz plate and reflective surfaces create 360-degree, consistent and complete decontamination of any object. The OmniClean uses RFID tagging to track the hygiene history of any object, with a web-based data portal that networks your Cleanboxes around the world. The Omni cleans any number of objects including phones, tablets, batteries, lavalier mics, stethoscopes, and small electronics and objects.

Here’s how it works: 

A small RFID sticker is placed on the item being cleaned, and the OmniClean recognizes that item every time it is put in the unit. This information is instantly available on the Cleanbox web portal, where you can track an unlimited number of items being cleaned. You will then know the frequency of decontamination, and receive reminders when your phone, stethoscope or other tracked item needs to be cleaned again.


With its rotating quartz plate, reflective surfaces and 30 UVC LED lights, the OmniClean ensures that every surface of your device receives equal and consistent decontamination, and offers a unique hygiene-tracking experience.

The OmniClean is the only product of its kind on the market. With RFID tagging, object hygiene tracking and networking among the entire family of Cleanbox products, the OmniClean provides 99.999% decontamination and accurate hygiene history for any item that can be placed in it.

Outside Dimensions: 10” tall x 13” wide x 14.5” deep
Internal Diameter: 10”
Object hygiene tracking | Data dashboard | App opt-in & more.


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