Amusement Park Daily, November 2019

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"Cleanbox was designed around the unique surfaces of VR and AR headsets to provide maximum efficacy in cleaning and drying for hardware that lives on a consumer's face and head. Our nanocoatings help keep sweat and oils from permeating the softer surfaces of an HMD (velcro, foam, rubber, fabric) and reduce the residue of makeup, fingerprints, and dirt.”

Intergame, March 2019 (Feature Article)

“While gameplay and technological advancements are worth talking about, hygiene has often been an after-thought for public-facing use of immersive technologies and one of the biggest barriers to access for VR. Cleanbox Technology has gone a long way toward addressing the issues of decontamination, smell prevention and drying of head mounted displays between users. The product solves many related trickle-down challenges…”

Podcast: CEO Amy Hedrick on “The Straightforward Solution of Cleanbox Technologies”
Intergame Online, October 2019

Featured Article

"Thanks to a saturated market, HMDs have quickly caught up to many of the performance standards they need in order to work well with active content and longer play-time, multiplayer experiences. Headset makers still need to make the HMDs more comfortable and address issues such as flexible
fitting for different nose sizes and smaller heads, and weight balance. The goal is to have these in place by the time the price point softens to consumer levels.”
-Amy Hedrick
Co-Founder & CEO, Cleanbox Technology

Business and Industry Today, August 2019

Company of the Year

"Business and Industry Today is pleased to announce Cleanbox Technology as our Company of the Year, for its unwavering commitment to developing innovative and forward thinking smart hygiene technology."

amausement park
VR Fitness Insider lists CLEANBOX as one of the
"game changers" at VRLA 2018

"CLEANBOX partnered with INTEL and SURVIOS to not only sterilize their equipment, but to show exhibitors and attendees that hygiene can be achieved...CLEANBOX is a great option for VR businesses and arcades that need a top-tier hygiene solution that will also dry the sweat off the headsets for customers to continue game time without a hitch."

Reality Technologies, December 2018

Businesses, studios, arcades, hospitals, and everywhere VR and AR technology are implemented will gain an advantage on combatting germs by using the Cleanbox system.”

“Cleanbox technology is changing how hardware gets dried and disinfected quickly and waste-free.”

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