Blackbox VR Gym

"Since deciding to use Cleanbox in our facility, our customers concerns about the cleanliness of the VR headsets after a workout have been completely alleviated.

Now they show up for their exercise session and know they are putting on a clean and dry HMD."

Kayla Abeyta
Blackbox VR Gym

intuitive surgical

Intuitive Surgical

"At Intutive Surgical, we use Cleanbox to give our developers, research partners and user peace of mind as they work with us.

The system is quick and easy to use, and our own testing has shown it to be effective at reducing the presence of bacteria on the headsets.

It's a unique and timely product."

Simon DiMaio
Director of Applied Research


Fireloop VR

"A little over 60% of our customers return because they trust our most effective Hygiene solution, Cleanbox!

We had a customer, who is a Bio-Chem PHD student comment about how our Cleanbox solution using UVC light is extremely important and is the best solution to kill viruses, bacteria, and fungi.

Cleanbox helps us build trust with the community!"

Sushant Srikrish
co-founder Fireloop VR

Inside Out

Trinity Square Video

"We had a successful workout of the Cleanbox at the Inside Out Film Festival where Cleanbox was used to support our exhibition of works 'Queering VR' in the Starz Festival Lounge.

It was easy to use for the staff and support team and provided the visitors with a quality VR experience."

David Plant
Executive Director